Using Images and Videos for Search Engine Friendly Web Page/Blog

If you are reading this post, it is definite that you are curious about secret of making a web page or a blog post a search engine friendly content. Before, we used to hear all about using keywords in your content (text), making keyword rich titles, anchor text etc. but these days Google and other major search engines giving priority to media content, such as images and videos too.

I have noticed on one of my blog ( most of my visits are coming from image search in Google and YouTube videos I have on my blog. Even on some keywords I am getting top rankings in Google images search.

Here are some tips to make Images and Videos to make your website or blog search engine friendly:

  • Start using more images in your websites – by images I mean images related to you web page content, product, service and good quality images.
  • Use your most prominent keywords in images names, attributes (title, ALT), link
  • Adding relevant videos to your pages is another to make your page more informative for users and search engines.
  • Adding videos also helps you increase visit time on a page.