Marketing outside Google

Google latest penguin update, to block spam websites, has made it difficult for small business to get traffic through Google organic search. But there are always options other than Google, not just search engines but social networks and blogs.
There are few most effective options to increase website traffic without Google:
  • Social Networks: Keep on creating fresh informative and effective content and share this content through Facebook pages, Tweets, LinkedIn profiles and other available social networks. People are not just replying on Google anymore for what they are looking for, but on social networks. Keep posting something fresh on social profiles to make it active.
  • Blogs: Try to get connected with bloggers related to your market, keep conversation going on with such blogs, forums. Ask for suggestions and give suggestions to show expertise in that niche.
  • Use more images and videos to engage your audience, to make them listen what you are trying to say.
  • Start Pinning: Pinterest has become third most popular social network, after Facebook and Twitter. So start pinning your images to drive more traffic to your website.

There are many different options to drive traffic to website, other than Google. Look around for choices you have to market your product or service and Go Socialize…!


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