How to Avoid Email Spam Filters

Avoid Email Spam Filters
Avoid Email Spam Filters
Marketers spend a lot of efforts and time to get huge list of email addresses, hoping that their email is going to be delivered and viewed by most of them. But the reality is a huge portion of these emails are going to into Spam folder.  No matter how genuine is your email is, with all these sophisticated spam filters, it is very hard to get through these restrictions. But there are legitimate ways to avoid being caught by spam filters and have your email delivered safely into the inbox.

Following are some tips to avoid spam filters:
  • Important – always have an option to unsubscribe or opt-out in your email.
  • Mention you physical address
  • Subject line should descriptive to the content inside the email.
  • Do not buy junk list of emails.
  • Do not use all caps in your email body or in subject line.
  • Always use alt text for your images, so it can be read even  if images are not being displayed.
  • Avoid spam words like Free!, Discount!, Offers! Etc. (Note: Never use “!” sign in your email subject like or body)
  • Try to use auto-color (black) for font in your email.
  • Avoid bad grammar. Use spell checker before sending email.
  • Don’t use tons of images, videos, flash or java script in your email
  • Don’t use forms in your emails, clearly mention link to landing page.
  • Offer both HTML and Text version of your email

Most important thing is to stay up to date with email spam laws and regulations, to avoid being part of a problem.


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