Latest SEO Techniques and Tips

Search Engine Optimization is not same as it was few years ago, trends in SEO are being changed drastically. So what are those SEO techniques which make a website optimized for Google.

Some of the basic components in SEO remain same like Title, Description, and Keywords tag. But content is what makes your website a fully search engine friendly as well as user centric.

Following are some latest SEO Tips that can help to make a website optimized:

Content: keyword oriented but not irrelevant and excess of keywords.

Social Networks Share/Link buttons: Social networking share and link buttons are being very popular these days, which is an easiest way to spread out information about your product or services.

Videos and Images: It does not affect much of SEO but it gives user some time to spend on your website, and videos help to engage users on a page.

User Feedback/Reviews: Getting feedback and reviews from user is the best guide to optimized your website for your customers.

Google Analytics Visitors and Goal Flow Chart Visualizations

Google has announced two recent updates in Google Analytics reporting formats. Now you can find flow chart visualization for visitors and goals section in Google Analytics. These two charts will allow you to visualize how visitors navigate through your website.

Visitor Flow – will be available under Visitors section, which will help you to visualize the navigation pattern users take to your website. This flow chart will include main entry or landing page, exit page, and pages in between.

Goal Flow – will be available under Goals section under Conversions, which will help you to visualize the navigation pattern users take to complete a Goal Conversion. This flow will includes all the pages between landing page and Goal conversion page, which similar to current Goal Funnel feature under Goal Conversions. In addition to that you will have ability to check more detailed information about visitors’ navigation pattern.

These two reports hopefully will be available to new Google Analytics interface this week.

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Google Analytics Home Page Meta – MISTAKE

Google – The giant in online search and always talk about search engine optimization techniques and how to implement meta tags properly, has a biggest mistake on Google Analytics’ home page meta. It has two meta description tags for this page, and if you check the source code for this page you will find first meta description tag comes before Title tag.

check out screen shot I just took:

I thinks that’s really funny! 🙂

Note*- It might be changed when you look at their page.

Make a Mobile Friendly Website

More people are surfing on internet using smartphone or other mobile devices. So the importance of website’s layout on mobile devices has become very important issue to make a website user friendly. According to a survey – 35% of American adults own smartphone like iphone, anroid, and many others.

So making a mobile or smartphone friendly is one of the major item in your marketing checklist for your website.

When you think about making a website mobile friendly think about following items:

  • Smaller screen sizes and slower bandwidths
  • smaller images and fonts
  • content per page
  • Mobile Style Sheet (Mobile CSS) gives a way to change your website’s layout to fit on mobile devices
  • or having a separate mobile version of a website.
  • Adding Meta view port tag, which controls the layout and dimensions of a website on mobile devices or smart phones

More coming on how to make your website a mobile or smartphone friendly website.

Linking Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics

Google has announced to allow users to link their Google webmaster tool data with Google Analytics. Google webmaster tools includes three reports based on webmaster tool data, that will help to create better SEO reports and analyze website traffic in a better way. These three reports will be under new section called “Search Engine Optimization” under Traffic Source in Google Analytics.
These three reports will be:

  • Queries: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000 daily queries
  • Landing Pages: impressions, clicks, position, and CTR info for the top 1,000 daily landing pages
  • Geographical Summary: impressions, clicks, and CTR by country

To use this feature you need to link your webmaster tools and Google analytics accounts.

How to Link Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics Account:

  1. Login to your webmaster tools account
  2. Click on “Manage Site” link next to site you want to link to Google analytics and Click on “Google Analytics Property” link
  3. Select the web property you want to link with the website, then click Save.

Google’s Panda Update Analysis

Google’s latest panda update changes the way SEO was a few months back. It is like being more realistic and practical than relying on some old theory. Now it is not about adding tones of content and links to your page but about making a website customer friendly.

Look at the video from SEO


Sitemap Auto Discovery

If you think you need to make a sitemap and submit it to all major search engines to tell them about your website, then there a shocking news for you all.

Now all major search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. announced support of “autodiscovery” for sitemaps. Now you just need to specify the location of your sitemap in robots.txt file and search engines will find it automatically.

Following is syntax to use it in robots.txt:

Sitemap: (URL of the sitemap)

Add above line (with exact location of sitemap) to robots.txt.

But presently not all search engines support autodiscovery for sitemaps, but soon all search engines will start supporting it.

Free Website Hosting Not For SEO

Selecting a good website host provider is the foundation block for your online business, so it should be strong.

Search engine bot/crawlers don’t give any importance to sites with free host. So if you are thinking for implementing SEO (Search engine optimization) on your website then big NO to free web hosting providers.

Free Website hosting has some disadvantages, when it comes to search engine optimization. See Below:

  • Sub-Domain or Split Domain Names – Free website hosting providers usually offer you site with sub domain (split domain) name. So it is not good SEO practice to have a sub domain on your website. Another big disadvantage of having a sub-domain is that many URL submission providers don’t accept sites with sub-domain or split domain pages.
  • Banner and Pop-up Ads – Search engine spirders (bots or crawlers) hate pop-up Ads that free hosting providers always offer. Most of search engines don’t read pages with such banner or pop-up ads.
  • Low Bandwidth – In free web hosting you will get a limited disk space and band width which is again a major drawback.

So it is very important to Choose Reliable and Secure Website Hosting Service Provider.

Social Bookmarking – A Powerful Internet Marketing Strategy

Social BookmarkingWe all know back links to a website is always beneficial and a most effective way to get high search engine rankings. Bookmarking your content on popular social bookmarking websites to gain back links. But keep track on because some bookmarking sites give link with “nofollow” attributes.

When we add our link to these social bookmarking websites every time we get a back link. So it is suggested to bookmark your updated content in popular social bookmarking websites to get more and more back links. Be sure to make your personal bookmarks public so that search engines and people can access them easily. There are some social bookmarking websites that are with nofollow or using redirected dynamic links, but still it is useful because human eyes can use these links to visit your website.

There are some online tools for automated social bookmarking such as socialmarker, socialposter and many more. So get your website/blog listed in most popular social bookmarking websites to get high rankings and traffic.

SEO Friendly Searchable Flash

SEO Friendly Searchable FlashIn past, search engines were not able to read content (text, links) from flash (.swf) files, which caused frustration for web developers and flash web designers. Web designers faced challages to develop or design a flash based website. They need to do lots of hard work to make flash content available to search engines in any other way. But now scenario is changed search engines are now able to extract content from flash files.
According to Google and Adobe, now google’s new flash indexing algorithm is able to read content in flash files i.e., text and links to give more visibility to flash content. Adobe has worked to make flash content searchable by Google and Yahoo.

Google’s imporved flash indexing algorithm is presently able to index textual content and links from all kinds flash (.SWF) files like flash banners, flash menus etc. but there are some limitations like Google’s new flash indexing algorithm is not able to extract content from non-textual (images, buttons) components in a flash file.

Some other limitations to index flash files are:

  • Google is not able to read flash file if your flash file is loaded via JavaScript.
  • Google is not able to read external content loaded in flash files during execution like some html, xml content from external resources.
  • Google is unable to read content written in Hebrew language or Arabic language in flash files.

So now web designers and developers are need not to worry about their flash content