Website Competitor Analysis for SEO

A complete analysis of competitor is one the most important and most effective of search engine marketing strategy. A in-depth competitor analysis can help you rank higher on major search engines, by just doing a little better than your competitors did.

Following are some basic steps to find and analysis your best competitors:

How to find who are your best 5 (or more) competitors?

Just simply decide your keywords, you want rank on. Search those keywords (Google) and collect 5 (or more) common websites coming on top.

Now you have your best 5 competitors, next step is How to analyze your competitor’s strengths?

Take any competitor website ( and check website structure thoroughly. Check for keywords usage in content, links, headings. Navigation structure and URL patterns are also important to put your main keywords.

How your competitor’s doing off page marketing?

Just Google for your competitor’s URL (, it will show you list of websites, social networks, and directories – wherever it has links from. Now you have an idea what to do next. Just go for same approach in a better way.

Never forget to check for your competitors’ weakness, this is where you can have edge our competitors.


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