Google Disavow Links Tool – Caution!

Matt Cutts recently announced Google Disavow Links Tool, which is now available through Google webmaster tools. During this announcement Matt Cutts warned webmasters to use this tool with extreme caution.

What this tool will do?

According to Cutts, this tool will allow you upload a text file (in Google webmaster tools), containing URLs per link, for links you want Google to ignore. Google will take links in as a “strong suggestion”, so use it very carefully.
Google Disavow Link Tool will help clean website (old or newly bought domains), which has some bad links (paid or non-seo friendly).

How to use it?

  • Sign-in to Google Webmaster Account
  • Select website (you want to remove links for)
  • After getting a prompt to upload text file, with the links you want to disavow.

Video Tutorial by Matt Cutts:

Following is the link to access Google Disavow Links Tool:


  1. Runaway Fox

    Google recommends that you should only use this tool if you know what you're doing: "We don't recommend using this tool unless you are sure that you need to disavow some links to your site and you know exactly what you're doing."

    According to Google, the disavow tool is only a suggestion to Google and it does not mean that the links will be ignored. Google also says that it will take a few weeks until they process your request. Basically, Google says that they will continue to judge the links as they seem fit.

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