Converting Visitors into Customers

Increase Conversion Rate
Turing Visitors to Customers / Sales

If you are running a website to sell products or services online, one thing every online retailer is looking for top search engine rankings. There are variety of search engine marketing techniques to get high search engine rankings and hundreds of visits to website.

But the main motive for any online retailer is not getting visits, but sales or conversions. I have been asked many times, “I am ranking on 1ston Google for my primary keyword, but still I don’t have enough sales.” As 
I went through different products or service based websites, I found some basic problems:

Wrong Choice of Keywords: You are ranking for a keyword that very few people use to search for that particular product. Or the content on webpage is totally irrelevant to the keyword. For example, you are ranking on keyword “buy shoes” and your webpage showing content for some tech gadgets.

Landing Page Optimization: If the keyword is on right track, next thing could be wrong is the landing page (where visitor coming after clicking on search engine ranking page). The problem with landing page could be:
o   It does not have enough content or information about product or service.
o   If content is there, it is not good enough to retain a visitor to read
o   No or Improper use of “Call of Action”

No use of Secured Server Layer (SSL), which makes it real hard to anybody to trust on a website
Following are some suggestions to improve conversion rate:

Know your market– look what your competitors are offering for same product or services, to attract more customers, such as return policies, shipping options, multiple payment options.

Offer clear contact information. Try to use toll free numbers, avoid long contact forms
Have your website secured from an authorized security provider, such as SSL certificate from Symantec Verisign.

Offer Something: Offer Discount Coupons, Gift Cards for product based websites, and offer some utility services for service based websites such as maintenance for some time.

Ease of Use: Offer multiple login options using social network websites such as Facebook Login, Google Login etc.

Social Sharing: Add social sharing buttons to be more interactive and get customers from customers.

Source: IIDEA Blog


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